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Tridex's advanced technology of 3D laser scanning is essentially the rapid capture of three dimensional data using laser signals reflected from an object or surface. Using this technology we are able to analyse a real world object / environment in terms of geometry, texture and colour.

Tridex is an innovative Engineering and GeoSpatial solutions company, with many man-hours of experience and a range of assets, provides solutions across the entire spectrum – Data acquisition and processing, imagery analysis and interpretation, hosting and delivering large datasets, as well as offering GIS development and consultancy.

Tridex is dedicated to offer range of solutions for AEC industry. Our customers are delivered reliable information when and where they need it. In addition to operating a comprehensive range of terrestrial sensors - including digital cameras, LiDAR, radar, hyper spectral and thermal instruments.

Tridex offers Next Generation ground based 3D data acquisition system and post Processing services using our award winning "Real Life 3D Technology", which involves capturing of real world data, modeling and visualization through use of latest laser scanning survey technology.

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